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20 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit

This kit includes: 20 Gauge Shotgun bore cleaner, bore and a bore brush, it can be used to clean shotguns under 30 rounds shot per minute or over-sized guns that have been canned or been used in aj cleaning kit is terrific for shoppers scouring for a simple and effortless to adopt cleaning kit for their shotguns.

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Birchwood Casey Shotgun Cleaning Kit

By Birchwood Casey


Hoppe's Legend Shotgun Cleaning Kit

This winston Shotgun cleaning kit is first-class for shooters, is manufactured with case splendid and comes with an 20 Gauge shotgun, this is a top kit for an admirer who wants to clean their Shotgun and make it look like a new product. The kleen bore 20 Gauge Shotgun cleaning kit comes with a lube, which helps to prevent the Shotgun from bore the kit also includes a Shotgun brush, which will clean the bore and prevent sniper shootings, the breakthrough clean vision series Shotgun cleaning kit comes with a variety of accessories to help keep your Shotgun clean and clear. This kit includes a breakaway cleaner, barrel cleaner, and a series of tool films, the kit is dandy for just about any cleaning need and is excellent for new or experienced alike. This otis Shotgun cleaning kit includes an 121020 Gauge shotgun, this kit is designed to help you keep your Shotgun in top condition during your next shoot. This kit also includes a cloth and a brush.