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Ar15 Cleaning Kit

This Ar15 cleaning kit comes with a cases, mag, sights, and mag well cover, it is excellent for keeping your cleaning tools safe and secure. The kit also includes an 20% discount off the original price.

Ar Cleaning Kit

The breakthrough clean technologies vision series rifles cleaning kit is designed to keep your rifle clean and organized throughout its life, the kit includes a broken out vacuum cleaner and related supplies, 56 rifle cleaner, and a cardstock map to help you keep an accurate list of where to clean your rifle. This kit is top-of-the-heap for someone interested in keeping their firearm wanting its best! The ar-15 cleaning kit includes a long gun cleaning bench mat and parts list, this kit is designed to keep you clean and organized when your long cleaning. The mat will help you easily and quickly clean your gun, the ultra premium gun cleaning mat is exceptional for use with gun rifles. It is produced of premium cotton and provides a small microfiber tek towel included, the mat is basic to clean and is enticing for use in conjunction with other cleaning supplies. The Ar15 field cleaning kit comes with an 12 x36 foot long field cleaning mat, this mat is designed to clean the barrel, chamber, and everyone and everything that comes within 6 inches of the gun. This kit also includes a shade, a bag, and tool.