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Cabela's Gun Cleaning Kit

This cabela's Gun cleaning kit comes with an 31 piece Gun in aluminum case, it includes a tool for each hand, for leverage and for difficult tasks. It also offers a carry case for uncomplicated storage.

Cabelas Cleaning Kit

The cabelas cleaning kit includes both a straight edge and saws the end of the straws so you don't have to beg your neighbor for a middleman, plus, there's a variety of supplies needed for firearms and a scope. So all in one plus 24 piece Gun cleaning kit is an outstanding kit for somebody who wants to get their game right! This kit includes a hand-held gun, an impact wrench, a vacuum cleaner, and a variety of household supplies, you'll need these tools wherever going to be cleaning your Gun regularly. The hand-held Gun is top-of-the-heap for cleaning guns that are not frequently used, like a Gun that is used once in a while, the impact wrench is for more delicate tasks in the Gun cleaning process, like repair work on the barrel or re- enforcement and safety. The vacuum cleaner is prime for cleaning more frequently used guns and magazines, this cabela's Gun cleaning kit comes with an 24 piece Gun cleaning case. The case is aluminum, ensuring best-in-class clean up, the kit also includes the cabela's own included 24 piece toolkit. This kit makes an exceptional starter kit for a shopper new to Gun cleaning or anyone who wants to get into the game of cabela's, this cabela's Gun cleaning kit is huge! It includes everything you need to clean your gun, from the bolt to the check scale. The kit also includes a number of tools and accessories, such as a cyclic backspace maker and a cabela's Gun cleaning kit is sure to make your Gun look and feel like a.