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Dewey Gun Cleaning Kits

The Dewey Gun cleaning rod with adapter is an exceptional substitute to keep your guns wanting good and smelling great! This rod comes with 50 caliber bristles and 54 long bore mode to quickly and easily clean your guns' barrels.

J Dewey Gun Cleaning Kit

The Dewey Gun cleaning kit is sterling for people who yearn to clean their Dewey guns without having to go through the trouble of removing the dust and wear a clean, this kit comes with an action, lug, and recess cleaning kit, making it uncomplicated to clean your Dewey guns. The kit also includes an instance guide and tips for use, the Dewey Gun cleaning kits are designed to quick and basic d o the job of cleaning your raw gunpowder and other used firearm optics. The kits come with a Dewey rods kit and a book of guide lines for the Dewey rod, this kit will help you to clean your Dewey rods in a simple and straightforward way. The Dewey mfg, new unused 243 or 6 mm brass jag female threaded for Dewey rods kit is designed to clean and maintain your firearms. This kit Dewey rod ends and a Dewey rod cleaner, the kit comes with a number of add-on parts that can be customized to your firearm, including a handgrip, handgrip cap, handgrip key, and more. The cleaning kit comes with a states-of-the-art 6, 5 mm brass jag female threaded for Dewey rods. This kit is enticing for keeping your Dewey machines clean and hunting good.