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Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

This vacuum hose and adapter attachment kit is dandy for cleaning Vent card drying rack and other areas that may have been used to dry laundry, the kit also includes a washer and Dryer Vent cleaning kit. This will help to reduce the chance of credit card fraud and other issues.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Home Depot

This is a Dryer Vent cleaning kit that is available at the home improvement store, it is 15 feet long, and it can clean the Vent systems for machines up to 100 gallons. The kit includes a brush, lint remover, and facile the kit includes a Dryer Vent and a tool to remove lint and dirt from the air ducts, the tool is effective for unblocking the air flow in a refrigerator, air conditioning, or dryer. This kit includes an 15 feet Dryer Vent cleaning brush, which can be used to clean the to dyson, and other types of ventilators, the brush is additionally able to clean lint, and it is basic to use. This Vent cleaning kit includes a Vent cleaner, a rag to clean the vents, a dryer, and a Vent trap, you can also clean the vents and vents with the lint remover brush Dryer and the Vent trap cleaner from the kit.