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Dvd Cleaning Kit

This kit includes: -a Dvd lens cleaner -a brush system -a car vehicle video cd player -a cleaning kit usa only 110 volt straightforward pro plus cd/dvd repair is a peerless kit for lovers who covet to keep their dvds clean and clear, the kit includes a lot of different tools to help you clean your Dvd movies securely and efficiently.

Dvd Cleaning Kits

The compact disc Dvd cleaner kit includes a variety of tools to help clean your cd, and Dvd formats, the kit includes a cd cleaning tool, a Dvd cleaning tool, and a pad to work on the both the cd and Dvd formats. The platform and tool included makes it effortless to use, the new cd player cleaning kit from is a must-have for any mom-and-pampered pet owner's toolkit. This powerful kit includes: - a brush system to clean all types of Dvd disks including dvd-r, dvd-l, and cd-rs, - a bristle brush to clean the entire circumference of the dvd-frame, including the top and the bottom. - a video Dvd cleaner to clean videos and images on the dvd-face, - a brush system for also cleaning the interior of the dvd-frame. This kit includes a brush system and tools to clean your Dvd players, including a video player, cd player, and car Dvd loader, the kit includes a window cleaner, a lens cleaner, a textured brush system, and a body cleaner. This kit includes all you need to clean your Dvd players and discs! The kit includes a procare disc cleaner and a disc saver, it also includes a disc saver and procare magazine to help you set up your cleaning process.