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Ear Cleaning Kit

The Ear cleaning set is first-rate for lovers who wish to get the clean and free from the noise of the power tool, this tool set comes with a spiral tool, spoon, and wax remover. It also comes with a curette kit and a kit with 6 pick clean sets.

Home Ear Cleaning Kit

This home Ear cleaning kit comes with an 6 pcs Ear pick cleaning set spoon Ear wax remover cleaner curette kit, also included are effective tools for fixing ears and removing warts. This 3 pcs cleaning set care tool led Ear pick Ear wax remover cleaner earpick kit is first-class for Ear wax cleaning, this tool is top for removing wax from your Ear drums and Ear cartilage. The tool is led so you can see it is safe to use, the Ear wax remover and cleaner are facile to handle and safe to use. This set is unequaled for use by anyone who wants to remove wax from their Ear drums and Ear cartilage, use the Ear cleaning kit to remove any wax build-up on your earlobe. You can use the wax removal remover to remove the earwax and any other contaminants, use the picking tool to remove any earwax and any debris from your Ear canal. Use the spiraling picker to remove any earwax from the front of your ear, and the q-grips on the back, finally, use the clean tool to remove any dirt, and any other contaminants from your ear. This Ear cleaning kit includes an 6-pack of Ear pick cleaners spiral tool, a spoon, and an Ear wax remover), a healing cucumber, and a curette, it also includes a kit for cleaning up your as well as a kit for curing the Ear record.