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Firefly Cleaning Kit

This kit includes: -a Firefly cleaning kit -a fuel cleaner -aadapter cleaning tool -a diy kit.

Top 10 Firefly Cleaning Kit

This Firefly cleaning kit comes with 9 cleaning tools, a detailing washing tool, a brush, and pads, this Firefly cleaning kit includes a vehicle fuel injector flush cleaner adapter and a diy kit to clean the nozzle. The kit can be used to clean the nozzle or entire bike, a diy kit for cleaning your fuel injector, a nozzle, and help from the included instructional video. Choose your own cleaning routine with the help of this adapter, this Firefly cleaning kit includes: - Firefly cleaning tool - fuel injector flush cleaner adapter cleaning tool - diy kit set fit for car, motorcycle - adapters for all types of fuel injectors - a clean up advocate.