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Glock Cleaning Kit

This Glock parts tray gunsmith pistol gun cleaning 6 x 4 oem grey is an excellent alternative to clean your Glock pistols, this tray is fabricated of durable plastic and features a fastening system for attaching to a gun. The tray is furthermore lightweight and can be attached to a gun without any hassle.

Glock 17 Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit with Glock oem rod and patches is designed to clean your Glock 17 pistol, this kit includes the rod and patches to help you get back to business as usual. The gun cleaning kit comes with a microfiber and brush, it is first-class for gun cleaning and tune up tasks. This Glock parts tray is a sterling alternative to keep all your Glock parts in excellent order; from firearms to tools, the tray is manufactured of heavy-gauge metal and features an 12-inch deep well for holding screws, nuts and bolts, and other gun components. The tray also features a parties-style door for keeping tools clean and organized, the tray is in like manner country-specific, so you can trust that it'll be effective in your local Glock dealer. This Glock 43 cleaning kit comes with a cleaning mat, which is top-of-the-line for somebody who wants to clean their gun, the mat is again practical for folks who wish to clean the barrel or the gun overall. This kit also includes a cleaning oil and an 3612 gun oil.