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Military Issue M16 Cleaning Kit

The Military Issue M16 cleaning kit is sensational for admirers who desiderate to clean their M16 this kit comes with a molle pouch and is first-class for carrying around when not in use, the kit also includes an instruction booklet and is sure to make of cleaning your m16.

M16a2 Cleaning Kit

The M16 a2 cleaning kit is dandy for the Military Issue M16 rifle, this kit comes with a molle pouch and kit, making it uncomplicated to take with you when on the battlefield. The kit includes the following: - otis, 223 cal gun cleaning system - molle pouch Military Issue new M16 rifle - 33 x1. 5"ichen tape - 26 shoulder bag - card - 3-1/2"x1" inch d-ring the M16 a2 cleaning kit is an excellent alternative for individuals digging for a straightforward to adopt cleaning kit for their M16 rifle, this Military surplus ar 15 cleaning kit comes with a molle pouch and kit that will help you clean this gun successfully. The kit includes an 20 grit sandpaper, which is top-rated for cleaning any make-up areas on the gun, additionally, the kit includes a water bottle and a-wadcutter for cleaning the barrel. The Military surplus M16 cleaning kit includes 1893 cleaning rod, black anodized aluminum disk for M16 magazines, black anodized aluminum washer, black alloy bullet, white anodized white aluminum protein powder, and white anodized fishing tool, this kit comes with a service manual and is excellent for cleaning guns, grenades, and other Military items. The M16 stock cleaning kit is a practical alternative to keep your rifle clean and organized, the kit comes with an otis 223 cal gun cleaning system and a pouch for carrying around medication. This kit is fantastic for an admirer from a Military man to everyday person.