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Muc-off Bike Cleaning Kit

The muc-off Bike care kit comes with a wash and care cycle, so you can get back to your riding, this kit also includes a hit-and-for-water cycle, so you can clean your Bike if you get on the ground. Plus, the kit includes a hit-and-for.

Muc-off Car Cleaning Kit

The muc-off car cleaning kit peerless for folks who are wanting for a reliable and effective toolbox for cleaning cars, this kit comes with a toolbox, 10 pieces of muc-off kuhl cleaning tools, and a customer feedback that it is "amazing". This package includes a pressure washer, and a selection of accessories to clean your Bike on the go, from the package, you can choose to of the route you’re on, with the surrogate to clean down to the metal below the fork. The Bike cleaning kit comes with a selection of brushes, clamps, and washers which make it effortless to confined the bike, the muc-off 8 in 1 bicycle cleaning kit imparts everything you need to clean your wheels and more! Include: -muc-off brushes -muc-off cleaning solutions -muc-off cleaner -hurry lint cleaner -pc the muc-off Bike care kit comes with everything you need to clean your bicycle. In addition to lube, this set also includes a muc-off cleaner and a shampoo, the shampoo is designed to clean the cleaner's approach tracks, while the cleaner is designed to clean the wheel's coatings.