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Printhead Cleaning Kit

This powerful cleaning kit can clean away any printing errors and errors on your hp brother epson canon printer, with this cleaning kit, you can easily clean your printer without using any harsh chemicals or powerful cleansing techniques. This kit also includes an unblocking tool and a guide to help you get your printer back to its original condition.

Ekuten Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit comes with a variety of tools to clean your epson printer nozzles, the kit includes a cleaner, a plunger, and a toothbrush. The cleaner is good for unblocking print head nozzles and remove any unwanted particles, the plunger is used to clean the nozzles in a circular motion. The toothbrush is used to remove any unwanted debris and keep the nozzles clean, this brother print head cleaning kit includes aflush 30 ml cleaner and a kit to clear any print head. This Printhead cleaning kit from brother is top-quality for when your printer's printer head starts clogging up you they can be unblocked by removing the printer head itself or by clearing the printer head with a hair dryer or air cleaner, this brother inkjet cleaning kit will unblock your print head nozzles for your hp printers. This also includes a cleaning kit to keep your printer running smoothly.