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Rg57 Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is outstanding for individuals who desire to keep their rifle clean and free of contaminants, the kit includes a strong cloth rag, that can be easily worked with, and a few drops of cleaning fluid. For your rifle after use, east german rg-57 tobacco tin 7, 62 x39 rifle cleaning kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Rg57 Cleaning Kit

The rg 57 cleaning kit is designed for use with german military rifle articles, the kit contains a strong and contact cleaner. It effortless to handle and can be used on many rifle articles, this rg-57 cleaning kit is sterling for folks who yearn to clean their east german rifles. The kit includes a tobacco tin, which can be used to clean the barrels and stocks, additionally, the kit includes a cloth to clean the action, and a cleaner to clean the metal. The ddr east germany rifle cleaning kit 7, 62 mm rg-57 is designed to clean the barrel, action, and back of an 7. 62 mm rifle, the kit includes a paste, a cleaner, and an air pressure cleaner. It is recommend using the paste first to clean the chamber and then using the cleaner to clean the rest of the rifle, the rg-57 cleaning kit is designed for use with the new 39 x45 mm rifle. This kit includes everything you need to clean the barrel, action, action gear, and control unit, the kit is straightforward to handle and includes a brush, cloth, and water droplet containers. This kit is top-rated for regular or everyday use.