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Sensor Cleaning Kit

The Sensor cleaning kit comes with an 15 swabs (micro 43), an 15 m cleaner, and a ddr-12 s cleaning algorithm, it's sterling for dealing with mirrorless camera films and other films.

For Camera

6-Pack Wet Sensor Swab CMOS

By Unbranded


Cleaner Swab For Digital Camera's Ccd Cmos Sensor
For Dslr Digital Camera-useful
For Camera Ccd Cmos Sensor Full-frame Aps-c Sensor

Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit

This full frame Sensor cleaning kit will clean the camera's 12-megapixel sensor, the lens, and the vibration section of the camera body, the kit also includes the necessary tools for cleaning the camera's various airtight grade eason-compatible jars and containers. The image Sensor cleaning kit from offers beneficial value for your money, it includes a clear plastic bag to clean the financial camera's image sensor, a swab to clean the camera's message board and a cleaner to clean the image sensor. This kit is excellent for keeping your camera clean and free from bacteria, the 6-pack wet Sensor swab cmos ccd dslr cleaner Sensor cleaning kit for camera is top-of-the-line for cleaning sensors in your camera. It includes an 6-pack of wet Sensor swab cmos ccd dslr cleaner Sensor and an 6-pack of cmos sensors, it can be used to clean sensors in a camera using the included swab. The kit also includes a charged battery and an instruction booklet, this canon Sensor cleaning kit includes swabs, canon camera cleaner, and more! This will clean out your camera's full-frame Sensor by removing any dust, dust particles, and other debris. The canon camera cleaner is specifically designed to clean the full-frame sensor, and is further specifically designed to remove or.