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Rifle Cleaning Kit

The Rifle cleaning set is designed to clean your firearms quickly and easily, this set includes 43 individual cleaning kit pieces that can help keep your firearms clean and wanting great.

22 Cal Rifle Cleaning Kit

This 22 cal Rifle cleaning kit from 126 43 pcs gun cleaning kit pro us is an outstanding choice to keep your Rifle clean and clear, the kit includes an universal pistol Rifle cleaning kit and a shotgun cleaning kit. It also includes a pistol and shotgun, making this is a comprehensive set for both professional and personal Rifle cleaning, this kit includes an 10 piece. 22 22 lr, 223 556 Rifle gun cleaning kit, a nylon brush, and a pouch. The brush is equipped with aspon's pouches for effortless storage, the kit also includes a helping hand with handle that keeps the brush in place and the Rifle stable. The barrel cleaning kit comes with a variety of tools for barrels and other cleaning supplies, these tools include: - barrel cleaner (if applicable) - tungsten carbide barrel slicer - tungsten carbide gun case - 1 year warranty - 100% satisfaction guarantee. This kit is exquisite for someone wanting to clean their gun in a professional manner, this 22 lr cleaning kit is sensational for any gun size. It includes a base and two sides of a cloth bag to clean the gun, the kit also includes a brush, toothbrush, and toothpaste.