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Shoe Cleaning Kit

This Shoe cleaning kit from angelus is filled with resources to clean your shoes quickly and easily, the kit includes a brush, Shoe cleaner, and the brush is unrivalled for cleaning inside and outside of your shoes, while the Shoe cleaner is top-notch to clean your shoes after they're cleaning.

Leather Shoe Cleaning Kit

This leather Shoe cleaning kit features 4 brush bristles and a water-resistant film that helps clean the inside of leather shoes, the kit comes with a tool to avoid brush damage, such as bull tooth brush. The pink miracle Shoe cleaner kit offers an 8-oz, sneaker fabric and sole cleaning kit. This kit imparts a brush, and safe room to store your tools, the kit also comes with a case for your tools and a bag for carrying. This Shoe cleaning kit comes with a travel case, which will help you to keep your sneakers clean and protected, the kit also includes a brush, which will help to clean the shoes off. Finally, the clover seed oil is a key benefit of this kit, as it does not necessary to worry about it damaging the bristles on your brush, this leather shoes cleaning kit comes with a brush shine care kit and polish brush set. It is first-rate for cleaning shoes, booties and any other type of leather, the kit includes a leather cleaning brush, polish brush and other supplies.