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Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit No 478

This classic Outers Shotgun cleaning kit includes a gauged case and 12 ga, use with the powder management tool to easily and quickly clean each shot of your classic shotgun.

Vintage Outer’s No. 478 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Vintage Outer’s No. 478 12

By Unbranded


No. P-478 With Case & Box Gauge
No. 478 Gun Oil Solvent Rod Patch

Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit P-478

The Outers Shotgun cleaning kit is a top-rated choice to keep your shotguns in top condition by cleaning them yourself, this kit includes the following: -outers Shotgun cleaning kit -outers gun red metal box Outers Shotgun cleaning kit. This kit is sure to keep your guns searching good by cleaning them yourself, this Outers Shotgun cleaning kit is designed to help keep your shotguns running smoothly and searching good. The kit include all of the necessary tools and components to do some top Outers Shotgun cleaning work, this kit is designed for the use of the firearms cleaning system used with the o-pipe action style shotgun. It includes all the necessary items including brass, mag, and barrel, the kit also includes a tool to remove from the gun and a small hole saw. This Outers gunslick Shotgun cleaning kit no, 478 is a classic in red metal box and comes with a cleaning brush, and water. It is suggested use water and a brush.